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At Sky Music Instruction, we teach music, not just your instrument. What does this mean? It means you will build a solid foundation of musical knowledge using your instrument as the learning tool. Through our comprehensive, “No Limits” curriculum, you will not only learn proper instrumental technique, you will also learn how to read and write music, grasp fundamental theory, hone in on aural and rhythmic skills through practical exercises, music performance and songwriting. Equally important, Sky Muisc Instruction teaches music history and appreciation. You will learn the historical development of your instrument, its notable figures as well as the history of western music to provide context and scope to your learning experience. With these building blocks, there are “No Limits” to where your love and passion of music can take you.

Meet the Business Owner - Lena Esposito

With 20 years of performing, recording, and songwriting experience, instructor Lena Esposito is passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of music to others. Her comprehensive approach to lessons includes not only technique, but all aspects of music including theory, songwriting, performance, ear training and music history.

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