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Fees and Policies

Lessons are grouped into packages and are purchased in advance. Use them when you want to!  You can schedule lessons weekly at the same time slot or you can pick and choose available times and reserve them.

2023-2024 Rates (valid through 12/31/2024)

1 a la carte 30-min: $46

1 a la carte 45-min: $69

1 a la carte 60-min: $92

4 30-min ($42 each) OR 2 60-min ($84 each): $168

6 30-min ($37.67 each) OR 4 45-min ($56.50 each) OR 3 60-min ($75.33 each): $226 (10% DISCOUNT)

8 30-min ($35.75 each) OR 4 60-min ($71.25 each): $286 (15% DISCOUNT)

12 30-min ($33.58 each) OR 8 45-min ($50.38 each) OR 6 60-min ($67.17 each): $403 (20% DISCOUNT)

16 30-min ($31.50 each) OR 8 60-min ($63 each): $504 (25% DISCOUNT)

24 30-min ($29.42 each) OR 16 45-min ($44.13) OR 12 60-min ($58.83): $706 (30% DISCOUNT)

48 30-min ($27.29 each) OR 32 45-min ($40.94) OR 24 60-min ($54.58): $1310 (35% DISCOUNT)

Please note: Students must provide 24 hours notice to cancel a lesson and not be charged. Please see our attendance and cancellation policy below for more details.  All lessons must be purchased in advance via credit card, debit card, Paypal, check or cash at the beginning of your first scheduled lesson. There is a $30 declined payment/returned check fee. Sky Music reserves the right to resubmit returned/declined items without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the student to inform Sky Music of credit card and/or bank account changes.


New students (over 18 years or parents of children 17 and under) will be expected to sign a student agreement form upon student enrollment. Download Sky Music’s agreement here:

Students must provide 24 hours notice to cancel a lesson and not be charged.  You can contact cancel your lesson directly from the student log-in portal or contact Sky Music via email, phone, or text.


If we do not receive a call/text/email/carrier pigeon notice that you are not coming to your lesson, you will be removed from the schedule after 2 "no call, no shows".

Please know that if you miss 3 consecutive lessons with or without notice, your weekly spot will be released and you will be placed on schedule-as-you-go status. Just contact us on a weekly basis for current openings and we'll schedule each lesson individually.

If you are 15-minutes or more tardy to class without notice, the teacher assumes you are not attending lesson and your class will be forfeited.


In the event of inclement weather, Sky Music will make the decision to suspend lessons twice daily.
• For lessons held between 9am-1pm, Sky Music will notify students by 7am of upcoming closure via email.
• For lessons held between 1:30pm and after, Sky Music will notify students by 11:30 am of upcoming closure via email.
Sky Music will also provide inclement weather updates on it’s twitter feed.
Please note: We do not follow Fairfax County Public School closure schedules, or any other school/government closure schedules
If you feel road conditions are unsafe, and wish to cancel lessons despite Sky Music holding regularly scheduled lessons, please cancel your lesson! We do not wish to put our students in danger of any kind, and will gladly reschedule your lesson.

Sky Music reserves the right to discontinue instruction to any student who does not adhere to studio policies or whose behavior is determined by the instructor to be inappropriate or disruptive. In such cases, the student is still responsible for all tuition and fees due and no refund will be provided.

Please note that Sky Music Instruction may, from time to time photograph or make audio or video recordings of students for marketing and promoting our company. By signing this agreement, you authorize us the usage of these.

Sky Music shall not be liable for any accident, injury, loss, theft or damage which may be sustained by a parent or student on Sky Music Studio premises. Sky Music is not responsible for musical instruments or any personal belongings left on the premises.

Sky Music strictly forbids all illegal drugs as well as unauthorized use of prescription drugs, and consumption of alcohol on studio premises from all students. Sky Music Studios is a “No Smoking” zone. Thank you for your compliance.

Students may wish to wear earplugs during concert events or practices exceeding 8 hours at a decibal level of 85 dBa as recommended by The US Occupational Health and Safety Administration, in order to prevent hearing loss. It is our responsibility to make you aware of such possible exposure. Sky Music leaves it up to the discretion of the student and/or parent to guard against excessive sound volume.

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