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Q. Are your lessons for all ages?

A. Pretty much. From ages 6 and up, our lesson plans are straightforward and easy to understand at all age levels.

Q. I am truly a beginner. I don’t read music at all and have never touched an instrument. Is your “No Limits” comprehensive curriculum right for me?

A. Absolutely. Our curriculum is written especially with you in mind. You will be introduced to all aspects of music including basic fundamental technique, reading and writing music skills, aural and rhythmic skills, as well as Western music history. With this solid musical foundation, there are “No Limits” to how far your love of music can take you.

Q. I’ve played a little in the past and want to pick my instrument back up. I also know how to read a little music. How does the “No Limits” program work for me?

A. That’s fantastic you want to further pursue music. And we’re here to help you do so. In order to correctly position you into our program, we’ll assess your general music knowledge as well as your technical skills. From there we’ll quickly review past material before moving on to new and more detailed subject matter. 

Q. What materials do I need for my first lesson?

A. We provide our complete “No Limits” curriculum to you for no additional cost when you enroll. All you need to bring for your first lesson is your instrument. If this is your first experience with your instrument, we suggest renting or borrowing one to make sure your interest is strong before investing in a new one. We can suggest several reputable music stores that both rent and sell instruments. Also, at your first lesson we’ll provide a list of other items needed as your learning progresses.

Q. I’m a busy person. How much am I expected to practice between lessons?

A. With Sky Music lessons you learn at your own pace. How quickly you study and practice the material is up to you. Generally, we suggest 30-45 minutes per day to fully comprehend the material and to master each skill set.

Q. The weather’s bad/I’m sick/I just can’t make it to my lesson? What’s your cancellation policy?

A. For a complete list of closure and cancellation policies, please see our Fees and Policies page at or refer to the Student Agreement handout. All students will be expected to read and sign a copy of this upon enrollment.

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