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Welcome to Sky Music Instruction's February 2023 Newsletter! Here you will find current events, student spotlights, performance opportunities and much more!




​Ben E.

1. Been taking (voice) lessons for (how long) at Sky Music Instruction:

Started voice lessons in April of last year - around 10 months!

2. Song/Artist you are currently loving:

Love Me More - Sam Smith

3. If you could collaborate with/open for any artist (past or present), who would it be and why?

Really enjoy Still Woozy's music - I would love to collaborate with him just to see his creative process and how he creates/produces.

4. What is the best concert you’ve ever been to and why?

Bottlerock in Napa Valley - saw a lot of great artists and performances (Portugal The Man, Young the Giant, Finneas, Run the Jewels, Gracie Abrams, etc.) and had some good food :)

5. Future plans for your music path?

Performing in Sky Music's April showcase! Also working on songwriting and learning guitar/piano.

Why Ben is awesome: He is one of the most curious students I've ever had. He fires questions at me constantly and wants to know everything right now! I love his attitude and exuberance of learning.




There are two new features premiering in this month's newsletter! First, I'm celebrating students who attend class regularly, do the work and have great attitudes, thus making my job a breeze. Check out the "Teacher's Pet Corner" below.

The other new feature is "Trivia!" for a chance to win a $10 Starbucks egift card to the first person who answers the music trivia question correctly each month.

​Congratulations, Reva! You are February 2023's Teacher's Pet. For all of your hard work, you've earned a $20 Amazon gift card!

Be the first to answer the following question correctly (email answer to and win a $10 Starbucks Gift Card! Good luck!

February 2023 Trivia Question:

The key of A major has which sharps?


Settle Down Easy Brewing Company

Falls Church, VA

Open Mic Every Tuesday 6-9pm. Contact venue for details


​​February 3rd, 1809

German composer Felix Mendelssohn is born in Hamburg.

Listen to "Wedding March" now.


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