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Sky Music Instruction's Self Start Guitar Volume 1

Sky Music Self Start Guitar Cover 60%.jpg
Technique: strumming, playing melody, solo guitar

Music theory: major scale formation, key signatures

Reading music and tab notation

Ear training

Rhythm exercises

Written review exercises

Song suggestions to enforce learning (available for purchase separately)

Welcome to Self Start Guitar Volume 1!  This edition is an introduction to playing the comtemporary guitar.  You will learn technique, basic music theory, ear training and rhythm skills through the lens of contemporary examples.  These song examples, though not provided in this book, are available for purchase separately through the links provided on  Other exercises in the book have mp3s available onine.  Just look for the sound         icon icon for examples.

Unlike other method books and online lessons, I am available for virtual “check-in” lessons to give you valuable feedback on technique as you progress, and to answer any questions you may have.  Please see my online calendar to book and purchase lessons.  With these check-ins, you’ll know you’re “getting it right”!

Another valuable aspect of this book is that you go at your own pace.  Although taking weekly in-person lessons is the most effective way to push you forward to learning the guitar, most students do not have the time commitment, and the cost can be prohibitive. With this method book, you get the best of both worlds by learning at your own pace while booking check-in lessons to check your progression.

Good luck and I’ll see you at a lesson in the future! 

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